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The partners have been selected because they are a direct match to what we are looking for in a partnership and have a wealth of experience and skills. We have a very strong partnership who are known to us and with whom we have worked successfully in the past.

All partners work with disadvantaged groups and are particularly community focused.

PADMA led the LdV ToI Community Mental Health Training project (2010-12) successfully accrediting a level 3 award in 4 other partner countries, mapped to EQF level 3. Will lead jointly with PCDT and VC to design training programme with input from all partners.PADMA’s past experience at CEFEC conferences, further cemented our working relationship with BUCOVINA, regarding social enterprise and social economy in Europe. BUCOVINA has led CEFEC (Social Firms Europe) and is a very respected and active founder member of the CEFEC committee.

SENTPRIMA has a lot of experience in vocational rehabilitation and also in training social workers and other stakeholders who work with people with mental health problems. They led the ToI project’s evaluation work package – they have a lot of experience in this field and will lead CCTP’s work package on evaluation.

BUCOVINA is very active across Europe, with CEFEC and other networks. They have lad on dissemination work packages for other projects, and continue to do so. They bring invaluable expertise in this regard, to the partnership. They are experienced in logo design and web sites for EU projects, having led on this activity in past projects (eg SETreality)

CAK works toward putting into practice measures to address The EU resolution on guidance (9286/04) and the ILO cone Convention No. 142 on vocational guidance: that individual freedom and considered study / career choices should be promoted; that counsellors strive for good self-awareness and awareness of their own attitudes and values vis-à-vis the individual and society, where guidance efforts should be adapted to the needs of applicants (Sweden Vägledarförening, www. CAK responsible for creating newsletters during course of project delivery (see excel work plan in annex)

VC will be responsible for setting up the Huddle online project management platform. Previous experience in doing so with the Grundtvig project “A Positive Journey”.