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CCTP Resources

Community Training Programme Overview

You can download the 10 CCTP training modules by clicking the PDF link below. The first 5 modules are mandatory with trainees being able to take any 3 from the remaining 5 modules.

This training programme has been accredited to level 3 and mapped to the European Qualification Framework (EQF)

CCTP Ten Training Modules – Overview

OCN London Accredited Modules

OCN London Accredited Training Programme

Training Resources for Compulsory Modules 1-5

Modules 1-5 Training Resources

Training Resources for Optional Modules 6-10

Modules 6-10 Training Resources

Moodle Guide for Learners & CCTP Training Templates

Moodle Guide for Learners and CCTP Training Templates for Trainers

MOODLE e-platform CCTP

CCTP Project Evaluation Report

CCTP Evaluation Report

CCTP Project Dissemination Report

CCTP Dissemination Report

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