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Construktiva konsult, Project and Idea Office Sweden, is a social enterprise and network – job creating/work integration. Construktiva konsult working with idea and project development, coaching and support for business creation and entrepreneurship, creates jobs in the interaction between public sector, private and voluntary efforts.

Year 2014, in the annual report, it is read that more than 25 persons get a job contract, in short and longer assignments. The strength is that several other associations, companies and competent people are associated with the company / network, based on specific projects and assignments. Scope of work are human and social development, non formal education, integration/migration, reduce unemployment and strengthen small businesses.

As an example of our activities:
BIIA – unemployed persons, a political decision (and assumption that unemployed persons not are skilled enough to get a job if they have been out of labor market for a time), a social enterprise working with the aims to increase the individuals conditions to be self-supporting = the mix between nonprofit, public and private/social interests create and enable paid jobs, through financial governmental support employment and offering services and a training restaurant to the market. After 5 years experiences , we have seen that persons grow when they get new conditions, training possibilities and an increasing network useful for learning and job contacts, meeting between different cultures and practical, concrete tools to use, in this case a real restaurant in a multicultural suburb and the employer’s liability – 11 persons from long-term unemployment to full-time job during the period.

• Sofisam, is the result of a mandate from the government to develop and publish a manual for authorities to collaborate and do business with work integrating social enterprises.
• BIIA economic association, – a network of entrepreneurs around Sweden, dealing with small business development and social enterprising. 60% of the members/entrepreneurs are persons with foreign backgrounds.
• Globulen, is a nonprofit association, as members we share our knowledge, our experiences to each other. Globulen is a venue for cooperation with others. We support long term unemployed people to get started and approach job market.
• Teachers’ Union, is a union, professional association for teachers of all categories, guidance counselors, school leaders and student teachers.
• Alingsås municipality, where contacts are established. Ing-Marie Andersson is a former employee of the municipality and continues networking with many of their educational institutions and ongoing projects.

Skolverket /The Agency is coordinating the introduction of ECVET in Sweden but cooperates with the Mydigheten för yrkesutbildning /National Agency for Vocational School and Universitets- och Högskolerådet / Higher education Council.